Chess Instruction

Chess Instruction

I’ve worked as a chess instructor for Sonoma County’s CHESS FOR KIDS since 2012.
CHESS FOR KIDS is a Sonoma County non-profit and United States Chess Federation Affiliate. We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of chess to as many young people as possible.  We teach in over 52 schools throughout Sonoma County.

Chess Books

I am the author of a series of chess books just for kids.
They are short, fun, and my students love them (psst… adults love them too).

Join us! At Santa Rosa’s Wednesday Night Market – or an Open Tournament

Join Sonoma Countys Chess For Kids at Santa Rosa’s Wednesday night market where we’ve set up about 15 chess boards for you to play a friend, play a stranger, play an instructor, ask for tips… or inquire about joining us to become a chess instructor.